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Artist Statement

I tell stories, the narrative is revealed from my subconscious through my paintings. My work incorporates the five classical elements, physically and metaphorically: wood, earth, water, fire, metal.  

Wood is often the subject matter in my compositions.  Scientific research of the interdependence of trees to each other and to “us” is inspiration to me. I use it as the substrate to build my 3-D illusions on a 2-D surface.

Earth is much more a consideration of the “mother” below and around “us”.  Pigments used in paint are nearly all derived from the earth, oxide, ochre, iron, etc.  I use these colors to pay homage to man’s first representations of our world.

Water necessary for all life dissects earth. It is “us” in 60% of our make up.  It makes the pigments flow and liquify, then dry into permanence.

The other two elements, fire and metal become representative of many images in my compositions. Shards of earth as in polished or rough stones and objects become lichens, jeweled insects, plant bulbs and seeds or imaginary forces.


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