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Children's Book

It has been a life-long ambition for me to illustrate a children's book.  When my children were small, we often made up stories.  This one was a favorite.  After a class at WriteOn Door County with Nancy Carlson, I decided to take the plunge and she gave me the tools to organize my ideas.  When my son announced that we were to be grandparents, I decided to write and illustrate this book and dedicate it to my precious Juliet.

Pinklie is a "Fancy Rat".  Fancy Rats are clean and social but Pinklie has a problem. At daycare he often forgets to go to the bathroom and has "accidents".  His accident the day of the Big Bake Sale results in unpleasant consequences for everyone involved.  Follow the blue bags in this lighthearted story.  Pinklie's Mom remains calm and compassionate the hero of the day.
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