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Family Tree - Nymphalidae

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Placed like specimens are three Nymphalidae species of butterflies. This is the largest species of butterflies with many new ones discovered through exploration. Like a family tree, they are juxtaposed against the branches of a tree. The background is my beloved Ellison Bay Bluff. This time I jeweled the tree with lichens rather than the butterflies. Without lichens, moss and fungi, vegetation on earth would pile up to the sky. We need these recyclers of the “wood” to use up the debris of dead wood, and rotting matter. Lichens form a symbiotic relationship with their hosts but there is still much to learn about them. Their intricate textures and subtle colors remind me of the the geode formations I used to represent them. Lichens are an indicator of good air quality.

18” x 24”

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